Top 10 Questions about Dover Housing Authority

Do you have emergency housing?

Unfortunately, we do not. The NH Hotline, 211 can connect you to many different resources, including emergency housing.

What is the difference between Public Housing Assistance and the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program?

In Public Housing, the Housing Authority is the Landlord. Public Housing is offered at specific locations in the city of Dover. Please see the "Properties" tab at the top of the page for DHA development locations. With  HCV, units are owned by a private landlord who agrees to rent to a voucher holder and enter into an agreement with the Housing Authority.

What would my rent be?

This varies according to income, assets and some deductions. Please contact us.

How do assets such as a pension or CD that affect rent I would have to pay?

Only interest on a savings and retirement account is considered “income”. There are deductions that are taken into consideration also when calculating rents. Final eligibility will be determined when your name approaches top of list and rent will be calculated before a lease is issued.

How long will it take for me to get into Public Housing or get a Housing Choice Voucher?

There is an application process. The wait time varies according to availability. Applicants who work or live in Dover or one of the surrounding towns: Lee, Madbury, Durham, Barrington and Rollinsford, are given the highest priority.  

Are preferences or priorities given to applicants?   

Yes, in some cases, see list below.

 Living or Working in Dover:    A “Dover preference” is given first. This means you must live or work in Dover or one of the surrounding towns listed above.

 Proof of Residency:     I have a Dover post office box where I get all my mail. Does that mean I will get the Dover preference (higher priority status?) Not automatically. You must have proof that you are physically living in Dover to get the preference.

 Senior citizen wanting to return to Dover:     Dover had always been my home-I was born and raised in Dover but have moved out of the area. I want to move back to this area. Can I get the Dover preference? Only applicants who are 62 years or older will receive a Dover preference if they once lived in Dover.

Disabilities:     Would a person with a disability receive a higher priority? A disability would be taken into account. For example, if a person needs a wheel chair accessible unit and there are no other applicants with that particular need ahead on the list, the person with that disability would be contacted.

Veterans:     Unfortunately, we do not give preference to veterans at this time.

 Can I get a 2-bedroom unit with another adult?

To qualify for a 2-bedroom there must be a medical need to have a second bedroom. If an individual needs a live in caretaker, a request for a second bedroom may also be granted. The DHA may require proof of medical need.

 What if I have never had a Landlord?

The Application asks for “Landlord Reference Information for a minimum of the past 5 years”.  We need a 5 year history. If you were living with a parent as a dependent or under other circumstances, indicate that on the application with dates. If you were not on a lease where you were living, you must report where you lived and with whom; this includes if you lived in another state or were incarcerated. There should be no gaps in the dates for the last 5 years.

What if I have a criminal record?

Disclose this information on the application. Criminal background checks are done on every adult. If a local record comes back indicating a “possible” record then fingerprinting is required and sent to the FBI.  Once the results are received, the housing officer will make a determination of whether or not to accept an applicant. Each applicant will have an opportunity to request an informal review to state their case. If someone is a lifetime registered sex offender, they WILL BE DENIED. Drug arrests and violent crimes are subject to the discretion of the review officer.

How do I know what number I am on the wait list?

The DHA never gives out numbers. Your application status depends on the date you applied. We can check to see the date of the application and try to estimate the wait. It depends on the availability of units how long you may have to wait.