Dover Housing Authority is committed to the success of our family residents and voucher holders who strive to move forward. The Family Self-Sufficiency program at the Dover Housing Authority is enhanced by partnerships that have been formed with local service providers to support a mutual goal of moving families to self sufficiency. FSS is an elective program that Housing authorities must apply for. We are the only housing authority in new Hampshire to offer the FSS program to public housing residents. 

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program is funded by HUD. It is a voluntary program and is open to families participating in the housing programs.

The objective of the program is to assist these families in obtaining employment that will allow them to become self-sufficient, that is, not dependent on welfare assistance. Families entering the FSS program are eligible to receive funds that are deposited into an escrow account  that is based on increases to earned income. Participants work with a program coordinator to develop goals that will, over a 5-year period, lead to self-sufficiency. These goals may include education, specialized training, job readiness,  job placement activities, and career advancement objectives. Program coordinators work with program members to identify goals, overcome barriers to successful employment  and link participants with public and private resources to help them achieve economic independence. Goals for each participating family member are set on Individual Training and Services plans that are attached to the FSS contract of participation. When the family meets its goals and completes its FSS contract, the family becomes eligible to receive the funds that have been deposited in an escrow account on its behalf throughout the family’s participation.  The amount credited to the family’s escrow account is based on increases in the family’s earned income during the term of the FSS contract.  FSS program success can be broadly defined, encompassing  the number of participating families who obtain education, obtain employment, maintain employment or increase earned income.

To learn more about the specific activities and offering of out FSS program. please visit the FSS member website at